MAAT Transport has an outstanding reputation in the area of standard and exceptional transport. We use our own fleet for transporting, which consists of a wide range of vehicles and trailers with truck-mounted cranes up to 85 tons/metre. MAAT Transport is therefore highly suitable for complete commercial and internal removals and as well as handling the transport, we can also take care of the placement of, for example, safes, control boxes and pump units. Our fleet drives both nationally and internationally and is scheduled from three strategic locations: Alblasserdam, Rotterdam-Botlek and Antwerp (Port area).

MAAT Transport has over 90 tractor units and 150 trailer units. For instance, express vehicles, tractors, open and closed box trucks, open and closed trailers, semi low loaders, euro low loaders and sliding axle trailers. Most of the vehicles are equipped with a hydraulic crane and/or tailboard. All vehicles are equipped with Tracking & Tracing and an on-board computer.

The best drivers

An outstanding reputation in transport begins with good drivers. MAAT Transport only works with the best Dutch drivers and invests a great deal in training. Our drivers have various certificates like forklift, ADR (hazardous substances), safety (SCC), mobile crane, cherry picker and industrial removals.

Industrial removal specialist

MAAT Transport is specialised in internal machinery relocations and industrial removals. You are assured of excellent preparation and a strict schedule. We have a team of specialised drivers. Our drivers work with special vehicles that are equipped with additional auxiliary tools like hydraulic jacks, hand and electrically operated hoists, roller tracks, rolling and lifting units, stackers/safelifts (for small areas), special crane for stairwells and placement vehicles with hydraulic loading and unloading cranes up to 80 tons/metre.


MAAT can also take care of the complete transport of all your transhipments and air freight consignments to and from all destinations worldwide. We take care of the entire logistics process, from the shipping agent right through to delivering the consignment to the receiver. This includes the local transport, booking the consignment(s) with the carrier and handling the documentation and customs & excise. This service is available for both container and conventional shipments.


The modular air cushion transport system is designed for the internal relocation of heavy loads and objects of different types and sizes. The air cushion transport system is unlike any other alternative system; this technology is both time- and cost-effective. The investment is relatively low, the process is safe and the result is effective. Thanks to the modular design, making the system readily usable for a number of logistics purposes, this air cushion transport system is extremely suitable for heavy work up to 18 tons!

How it works

To provide maximum stability, four air cushion modules are pushed in under the load, so that the weight of the cargo is distributed relatively evenly over the air cushion modules. The air cushion modules are connected to the control unit, which in turn is connected to the compressed air system. Using the air pressure regulators, the air pressure is gradually increased until the modules lift the load from the ground. This creates a thin film of air beneath the modules. The object ‘floats’ on this film of air, virtually frictionless and is easy to move and position exactly in any horizontal direction.

To ensure optimum safety, several people are needed to operate this system and to guide the moving of the object.


  • Heavy objects can be moved between halls not accessible by cranes
  • No need for fixed installation in the building
  • The system is not much bigger than the object that has to be moved
  • No point loading
  • No floor wear due to the low friction
  • The object can be moved with millimetre accuracy and in any horizontal direction