MAAT Logistics focuses on the storage and transhipment of parts, equipment and industrial goods. For example, general cargo, pipelines, steel tubes, frames, (heavy-duty) equipment, generators, cradles and units. MAAT Logistics also facilitates storage space, spread across outdoor areas and several warehouses. MAAT Logistics facilitates storage sheds with more than 10,000 m2 capacity and 5,000 m2 outdoor capacity at Nieuwland Parc in Alblasserdam. We take care of the entire logistics service for STILL Benelux in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. In Alblasserdam, we take care of the entire logistics service for Oceanco.

Warehouse and storage

MAAT Logistics offers warehousing and storage with more than 10,000 m2 capacity. We have two heavy-duty overhead cranes each with a 25 ton hoisting capacity and two overhead cranes with a hoisting capacity of 12.5 tons. The floor load is more than 3.5 tons per m2. In addition to overhead cranes, our warehouses are also equipped with (pallet) racks.

Outdoor storage

We also have more than 5,000 m2 outdoor storage at our disposal. This outdoor storage facility in Alblasserdam is located directly on the A15 and next to the container transferium. The terrain is closed off and secured. Thanks to the terrain’s high-load bearing capacity, it is excellent for storing heavy equipment from the ship building, onshore, offshore, oil and gas and (wind) energy industries. Other equipment, such as containers, can also be stored here. We have our own loading and unloading facilities with up to 200 tons lifting capacity.


Entry and removal

MAAT Logistics takes care of the entry and removal of all (general) cargo. If so desired, we can take care of the entire transport coordination. MAAT Logistics works with a computerised stock control system, which means that all goods can be traced.

Lashing and securing

Lashing and Securing of various general cargo to containers and special projects
MAAT Transport has an outstanding reputation in the area of standard and exceptional transport. Consequently, we have acquired years of experience and also specialise in securing cargo in containers. From pallets and crates to the most high-quality equipment (for instance, yacht building) and heavy unpacked items. We ensure that the cargo is secured and seaworthy in the container. Our workers are trained to take great care and make use of all possible materials to ensure that cargo is secured professionally. This prevents damage occurring during any means of transport.
We use a flat rack container for cargo that exceeds the standard container dimensions in width, height or length. This cargo is also professionally secured and made seaworthy. This is done by using lashing eyes, tensioning devices or by placing stanchions. The cargo is covered with tarpaulin, so that it is well-protected during transport.

Complete logistics service

We take care of the entire logistics service for STILL Benelux and Oceanco. We can design and implement a logistics system tailored to the customer’s needs. We can integrate your software system and take over the burden of the entire logistics process.