About us

MAAT is an all-round logistics service provider from South Holland with seven locations. What started out in 1934 as a small transport company has now become a sizeable company that sets your world in motion. Our exceptional transport services include contract transport, all possible services related to internal transportation and commercial vehicles, warehousing and truck parking. MAAT has 180 employees and is ISO 9001, VCA, BOVAG and BMWT certified, label 4.

Our branches

MAAT operates from six locations in South Holland and one in Antwerp, Belgium. Our head office has situated on the Edisonweg in Alblasserdam since the end of the 1980s. MAAT Transport and MAAT Technology are based here. The premises on Nieuwland Parc in Alblasserdam has been in use since 2008. MAAT Forklifts and MAAT Logistics and Truckparq are located here. In addition to our branches, we also work from various locations in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Albasserdam, the Botlek and Antwerp. Here we operate in-house at one of our client’s premises.

MAAT Transport

Sustainability is paramount

MAAT is strongly committed to sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word. All of the company’s activities is geared towards continuity. MAAT’s fleet of vehicles is relatively young and meets the most recent and/or future environmental requirements. Furthermore, we continually invest in future developments in the area of sustainability, like, for instance, the realisation of a natural gas fuelling station for delivery vans and lorries.