Maat in the community
Aware, reliable and commited

Corporate Social Responsibility. Social Enterprising. Sustainability. Concepts that converge in the ‘MAAT in the Community’ programme. Our choice for the term ‘community’ was a conscious one because it is here that everything comes together for a family business like ours.

Our programme stands on three pillars: Aware, Reliable and Committed. These three key concepts are at the heart of our efforts to build a better world.


MAAT takes environmental awareness a step further than simply complying with the laws and regulations. It also involves continued investment in a fleet that is cleaner, that we promote economical and safe driving behaviour amongst our drivers by way of the Shell Fuel Save Partnership and that we devote attention to energy-conscious savings, which sometimes requires being just that little bit more resourceful.


Reliable by doing what we promise and making safety a priority in everything we do. Doing what we promise is an attitude. We monitor that attitude strictly and address each other accordingly. Safety is a process of continuous improvement. Safety is crucial for our company. We therefore take far-reaching measures to ensure the safety of our people, our customers and fellow road users. That is why MAAT has a QHSE Manager. QHSE stands for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

MAAT Logistiek


Committed to our workers, customers and (local) community. This because MAAT feels closely connected to the community in which it operates. As a family-run business with a history dating back more than 85 years, we have deep roots in the Alblasserwaard region. That not only means that we have feel a sense of responsibility and want to contribute to the development of the region, but also that we want to be a good employer and service provider. The latter is primarily reflected in giving our customers peace of mind regarding the logistics process.

Would you like to find out more? Read more about this here. We will be pleased to share with you MAAT’s current position and what we propose to do in the coming years to gradually make our society cleaner, safer and fairer.